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There's a Hurricane coming. Get your shopping done before it's all gone.

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Watch the Weather Channel

Buy Liquor

Buy Plywood

Buy Hurricane Party snacks

Buy all the water you can fit in your car

Complain about why you're still at work

Buy all the food you can find

Buy more snacks

Buy batteries

Buy Beer

Pack the car with emergency supplies

Buy more Liquor

Watch the Weather Channel some more

Order the Party platter from Publix

Fill up the car and extra gas cans with gas

Pull out the flashlights, get rid of the corroded batteries and buy new ones

Pick your hurricane room and pack it with survival gear

Buy paper plates, cups and utensils for the party

Get all Insurance papers together

Fill bathtub with Ice (for drinks)

Find something for the kids to do

Send the kids to an out of state relative

Review your emergency checklist

Review your party checklist

Bring all the outdoor furniture in so your living room is so crowded you can’t move.

Bring all outdoor furniture in. You will need the extra seating.

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